New service for Corporate Clients and their assignees

 We also offer individual Expatriate Services with regards to corporate apartments and property maintenence!

Tenancy Management:

On behalf of corporate clients we offer to act as Manager and can provide the following services to relieve the HR department and their assigness:

  • Corporate apartment search (if required)
  • Lease negotiations and sheck of lease contract
  • Hand-over with protocol and picture dokumentation as well as inventory list
  • Utility hook-up
  • Regular apartment visits (monthly / quarterly base) to verify the current apatrtment condition
  • Arrange required maintanance jobs in accordance with the landlord
  • Check the yearly statement
  • Arrange and accompany every tenant change with protocol
  • Act as first contact for the corporate client and their current tenant (assignee) for claims and other concerns
Property Management:

Whilst an assignment abroad we offer to maintain your property in Germany (Rhine-Main-area)
This service can include according to your individual requirement the following sevices:
  • Maintain your property by regular visits and reports
  • Act as contract for supplier and third parties
  • Arrange maintenance works like gardening, cleaning, secure winter service etc.
  • Check the yearly supplier statement
  • Rent out the apartment to interim tenants and their first contact for any claims or queries (if required)
  • Assemble the yearly statement for the interim tenants

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